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Creative Design in Industry and Architecture

Creative Design in Industry and Architecture

Authors: G. Berkin and O. Kucukerman, Halic University Faculty of Architecture, Turkey


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Covering the topics of architecture and industrial design Creative Design in Industry and Architecture argues that the discourse on design criteria for both professions share many similarities. It is not intended to be prescriptive, but is rather the outcome of a detailed design analysis of the works of a number of industrial and architectural designers. The authors sought to compare the cultural outcomes of vernacular design in an attempt to show that the design process does not need to be difficult or complicated. This book seeks to present a critical assessment of design processes which achieve innovation in the fields of both architectural and industrial disciplines. The book is therefore about creativity, design strategies and innovative understanding.

With decades of academic experience, the authors are keen on the idea that creativity can be taught. They wrote this book from an ongoing pedagogical need to show students that the creative palette has a wide range. Case studies and their related theory which support this view are included within the chapters. The book also unveils the design dilemma; how design can become complicated when surrounded with intricate problems although it is the sum of simple solutions.

Common theories and practices are exposed within the two disciplines through observation, analysis, experiment and reflection to discuss and gain insight. Both creative and practical approaches are analysed by making a historical study followed by the fundamentals reflecting the current situation and practical applications of the architectural and industrial design principles outlined in an extensive collection of examples. To educators this book is instructive, to the students deductive, to designers inspiring.

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