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Existence Of Solution And Numerical Simulation For An Elastic Journal Bearing


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J. Durany, G. Garcia & C. Vazquez


Existence of solution and numerical simulation for an elastic journal bearing J. Durany, G. Garcia, C. Vazquez Department of Applied Mathematics, University of ABSTRACT A particular elastohydrodynamic lubrication problem is modelled in this work. The presence of elasticity, lubrication and cavitation gives place to a non lin- ear coupled system of variation al equations. An existence result is concluded by means of a constructive algorithm that decouples the elastic hinged plate biharmonic equation and the lubrication-cavitation Elrod- Adams free boundary problem. INTRODUCTION Since the presentation of the governing equations for the lubrication problem in the hydrodynamic case (see Reynolds [13]) a lot of effort has been done in the domain of elastohydrodynamic lubrication in three areas: mathematical mod- elling, theoretical analysis and numerical solution algorithms. In this work the authors try to contribute in the previous three aspects for a particular elastohy- dr