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Application Of The Boundary Element Method For Plane And Axisymmetric Flows In Zonal Homogeneous Porous Media


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N.N. Yas'ko, D.V. Evdokimov


Application of the boundary element method for plane and axisymmetric flows in zonal homogeneous porous media N.N. Yas'ko, D.V. Evdokimov Mechanical and Mathematical Faculty, Dniepropetrovsk University, 320625 Dnepropetrovsk-10, Ukraine ABSTRACT The direct method of boundary elements is used for the solution of the plane and axisymmetric problems of groundwater seepage in porous media. Me- dia may contain several zones in which the permeability coefficients are supposed to be constants. In this case the boundary integral equation con- tains unknown values on external and interzonal boundaries. Numerical results are given for flow through zoned dam and near the well. INTRODUCTION The prediction of free surface position and water pressure distribution asso- ciated with seepage through porous media is an import ant problem in damsand mining design. The boundary element method is perhaps the most efficient tool for solving the seepage problem [1-4] involving fr