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Transient Simulation Of Water Table Aquifers Using A Pressure Dependent Storage Law


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A. Dassargues


Transient simulation of water table aquifers using a pressure dependent storage law A. Dassargues Laboratoires de Geologic de I'lngenieur, d'Hydrogeologie, et de Prospection Geophysique Liege, Belgium ABSTRACT In groundwater problems involving unconfined aquifers, the shape and the location of the water table surface have to be determined as a part of the solution of the flow problem. The transient changes affecting the position of this free surface alter the geometry of the flow system so that the relationship between changes at boundaries and changes in piezometric heads and flows must be non linear. Methods have been developed recently using fixed mesh grids and non linear codes. They are based generally on non linear variation laws of the hydraulic conductivity of the porous medium in function of the pore pressure. Other methods based on the variation of the storage are exposed. When coupled with the hydraulic conductivity variation law, they lead to solving the gener