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Determination Of Seepage Flow Under Given Free Surface As An Inverse Problem


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K. Kosorin & P. Kucerak


Determination of seepage flow under given free surface as an inverse problem K. Kosorin, P. Kucerak Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulics, Trnavskd 32, 826 51 Bratislava, Slovak Republic ABSTRACT In following a theoretical basis and some practical results of solution of the problems of free boundary in seepage dynamics are presented. This solution originates from the hydrodynamic theory of boundaries, see [21,[3],[4]. Main product of the theory is the method for transformation of N-dimensional hydrodynamic task into N-l dimensional one. It allows to formulate and solve an inverse task, where the seepage velocity field has to be determined in the domain below the given free water surface. INTRODUCTION Free surface of flow in correctly put boundary task is unknown and has to be found out simultaneously with solution of hydrodynamic task on the whole. But estimating the grou