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Numerical Approaches To Melting/solidification Problems


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J. Caldwell & C.K. Chiu


Numerical approaches to melting/solidification problems J. Caldwell, C.K. Chiu Department of Mathematics, City Polytechnic of Hong Kong, 83 Tai Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong MELTING/SOLIDIFICATION PROBLEMS Melting and solidification problems occur in numerous important areas of science, engineering and industry. For example, freezing and thawing of foods, production of ice, ice formation on pipe surface, solidification of steel and chemical reaction all involve either a melting or solidification process. Mathematically, melting/solidification problems are special cases of moving boundary problems. There are only very limited exact solutions to melting/solidification problems, and existing closed form solutions to these significant problems are highly restrictive as to allowable initial conditions and boundary con- ditions. So numerical solution becomes the main tool in the study of mov- ing boundary problems. In this paper, we consider the solution of melt- ing