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Computational Hydraulics In The Analysis And Design Of Supercritical Flow In Curved Canals Connected With Stilling Basins, In Order To Make The Hydraulic Jump Stable


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J.F. Fernandez-Bono & J.O. Zenteno


Computational hydraulics in the analysis and design of supercritical flow in curved canals connected with stilling basins, in order to make the hydraulic jump stable J.F. Fernandez-Bono, J.O. Zenteno Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Polytechnical University of Valencia, Spain ABSTRACT The aim of this research is to provide the hydraulic engineer with a dual- purpose tool capable of analysing the hydraulic behaviour of supercritical flows in curved canals and, where necessary, determining the operating instabilities of downstream stilling basins and, establishing appropiate design modifications interactively with the modelling system developer, to stabilise the hydraulic jump in the stilling basins over the whole range of operating discharges. INTRODUCTION In many hydraulic projects is necessary to make the canal route suitable to geological and topographical factors, which involves the building of steep- sloped and plan-curved can