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Electromechanical Waves Of Deformation In Soft Biological Shells


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R. Miftakhov, D. Wingate & D. Ghista


Electromechanical waves of deformation in soft biological shells R. Miftakhov", D. Wingate", D. Ghista& Royal London Hospital Medical College, University of London, London El 2AJ, England , ,4 / ABSTRACT A biomechanical model and mathematical formulation of the problem of propagation of the electromechanical waves of deformation along the small intestine are presented. The organ is modelled on a soft orthotropic cylindrical biological shell reinforced by incompressible, transversely isotropic muscle elements of orthogonal type of weaving and embedded in a connective tissue network. The mechanical properties of the wall are assumed to be nonlinear. Deformations of the bioshell are finite. The model describes the dynamics of propagation of the electrical wave of depolarization along the muscle layers, active force generation and the development of the electromechanical wave of deformation. The governing system of equations has been derived and solved num