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Application Of A Numerical Wave Channel (NWC) For The Analysis Of Free Floating Body Dynamics


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C. Haack, 0. Mahrenholtz & V. Schlegel


Application of a numerical wave channel (NWC) for the analysis of free floating body dynamics C. Haack, 0. Mahrenholtz, V. Schlegel Ocean Engineering Section II, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, D-2100 Hamburg 90, Germany ABSTRACT For the analysis of fluid-structure-interaction experiments with floating bod- ies are typically carried out in wave channels. Beside measurement equip- ment and test objects experiments require free capacities of laboratory facil- ities. In order to reduce costs arid to allow the analysis of various different test configurations, the application of reliable NWC's is indispensable. The paper presents the results of simulations carried out with a NWC. The two-dimensional boundary element approach uses cubic spline approxima- tions for the free surface discretization and a double node concept for the modeling of contact points between structures and fluid. The unknown time-dependent nonlinear boundary conditions on the free surface are eval- uated by a