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Dynamic Photoelasticity For Wave Propagation And Failure Process Of Beams Subjected To Lateral Impact Loads


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M. Satoh


Dynamic photoelasticity for wave propagation and failure process of beams subjected to lateral impact loads M. Satoh Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hiroshima University, l-l^-l Kagamiyama Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan ABSTRACT It has many practical values to visualize experimentally the wave propagation and the failure process in a beam subjected to a lateral impact load. Dynamic photoelasticity is one of the most available methods to visualize these phenomena and to comprehend the dynamic responses. In this paper. Experiments of dynamic photoelasticity are performed for such a visualization of the stress wave and brittle crack propagation due to lateral impact force for the beam composed of epoxy resin. The availability of this experimental method is shown to make clear the wave propagation and crack propagation processes. INTRODUCTION One of the important subjects in the design of lock-sheds will be to analyz