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Vulnerability Assessment Of Large Structures Subjected To Damage From Dynamic Loading


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B. Hobbs & S.J. Wright


Vulnerability assessment of large structures subjected to damage from dynamic loading B. Hobbs" & S.J. Wright ^Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK ^Computational Dynamics Laboratory, Denver Research Institute, USA ABSTRACT This paper describes the development of a new approach to vulnerability assessment based upon the use of engineering analysis. The effects of the transient dynamic loading from the event in causing local damage to structural elements are considered and the residual resistance of the damaged structure is assessed. The use of dynamic finite element analyses to predict local damage from these events is discussed in the companion paper by Wright and Hobbs. Structural analysis using the residual strength parameters is then used to predict the extent of any resulting structural collapse. An Index of Vulnerability is developed to categorise structures in relation to their vulnerability to different causes of local damage. The use of t