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Improvement On Impact Resistance Of Reinforced Concrete Panels Against Projectile Impact


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T. Ohno, T. Uchida, N. Ishikawa, Y. Kasai, H. Tsubota, M. Ueda, A. Kambayashi & T. Shira


Improvement on impact resistance of reinforced concrete panels against projectile impact T. Ohno," T. Uchida," N. Ishikawa," Y. Kasai,& H. Tsubota,& M. Ueda," A. Kambayashi^ & T. Shira^ ^Department of Civil Engineering, National Defense Academy, Yokosuka, 239 Japan Kajima Corporation, Technical Research Institute, Tokyo, 106 Japan ^Takenaka Corporation, Technical Research Institute, Chiba, 270-13, Japan ABSTRACT To investigate and improve the impact resistance of reinforced concrete panels, the effects of lining with a steel liner on the rear face of the concrete panel, double-layering of RC panels and the use of absorber were examined. Based on test results, the effect of a steel liner on both scabbing and perfo- ration was evaluated quantitatively by converting steel liner with a certain thickness into the equivalent concrete thickness. And how to improve the impact resistance of double-layered RC panels is discussed. INTRODUCTION The establishment of a design method f