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Reliability Demonstration For Complex Redundant Systems In Railway Applications


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R. Bozzo, V. Fazio, P. Firpo & S. Savio


Reliability demonstration for complex redundant systems in railway applications R. Bozzo\ V. Fazio*, P. Firpo^ S. Savio* ' Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica - Universita di Genova (Italy) * Sciro s.r.l. - Genova (Italy) Abstract When high reliability requirements are set in the specification of complex, large and high investment demanding systems, the reliability demonstration, which the customer acceptance will be based on, can be a very critical task as the cumulative testing time available for the on-the-field reliability assessment is often not sufficient to ensure acceptable consumer and producer risks. In these circumstances, suitable reliability models, to be implemented and solved by means of appropriate software tools, are to be used in order to predict and assess the system reliability performances. In this paper the authors present a modelling procedure, based on Monte Carlo method, for simulating a long-term reliability test and able to fulfil the above requirements