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Traffic-induced Vibration In Buildings - Use Of Site Cut-off Frequency As A Remedial Measure


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M.O. Al-Hunaidi, J.H. Rainer, G. Pernica & M. Tremblay


Traffic-induced vibration in buildings - use of site cut-off frequency as a remedial measure M.O. Al-Hunaidi% J.H. Rainer*, G. Pernica*, M. Tremblay* "Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa K1A OR6, Canada ^Ville de Montreal, 999 rue de Louvain Est, Montreal, ABSTRACT Various corrective measures are usually suggested to reduce the levels of traffic-induced vibrations in buildings, e.g. road rehabilitation, speed control, soil improvement, the use of building isolation systems, etc. Although some of these measures are effective, they are in most cases difficult to implement and (or) expensive. In view of recent measurements of vibration levels at several sites in Montreal, it appears feasible and economical to significantly reduce vibration induced by transit buses, the cause of the majority of traffic vibration complaints in the City, by modifying the characteristics of their suspension systems. Modifications would be either to achieve a sm