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On The Calculation Of Natural Frequencies Of Microstructures Using The DRBEM


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T.R. Bridges & L.C. Wrobel


On the calculation of natural frequencies of microstructures using the DRBEM T.R. Bridges & L.C. Wrobel Wessex Institute of Technology, University of Portsmouth, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, S040 7AA, UK 1 Introduction This paper discusses the calculation of the natural frequencies of thin structural compo- nents using the Dual Reciprocity boundary element method. This technique, introduced by Nardini and Brebbia in 1982, has certain advantages over other boundary element techniques in that it produces a linear, time independent, boundary only system which is compatible with standard 'black box' eigenvalue solvers. Results are presented which provide comparison with theoretical approximations and show how the method behaves for a more realistic application, a microstructure, for which finite element results are available. Traditional integral equation formulations, involving the elastodynamic fundamental solution, which is complex valued and frequency dependent