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The Boundary Element Method Applied To Simulation Of Active Vibration Control


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M. Tanaka, T. Matsumoto & L. Huang


The boundary element method applied to simulation of active vibration control M. Tanaka, T. Matsumoto & L. Huang Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University, 380 Nagano, Japan ABSTRACT A new simulation technique using the boundary element method and the Kalman filtering theory is presented for an inverse problem relating to the active control of bending vibration of elastic beams subjected to time-harmonic excitation. The inverse problem is formulated in terms of the integral equation into an optimum problem in which the optimal set of parameters should be found for the location and magnitude of the control force. The extended Kalman filtering theory is applied to such a nonlinear optimization problem, and a solution algorithm is then developed. A couple of examples are computed and the results obtained are discussed, whereby the potential usefulness of the proposed method is demonstrated. INTRODUCTION Structural vibration freque