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Dynamic Response Analysis Of 3-D Elastic Systems By An Improved Frequency Domain BEM


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S.E. Kattis, D. Polyzos & D.E. Beskos


Dynamic response analysis of 3-D elastic systems by an improved frequency domain BEM S.E. Kattis", D. Polyzos" & D.E. Beskos* ^Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of f a(m^, Pofma G^-gg^OO, Greece ^Department of Civil Engineering, University of Patras, Greece ABSTRACT An improved boundary element methodology for the determination of the dynamic response of 3-D elastic systems is presented. The method works in the frequency domain and employs continuous as well as discontinuous quadratic quadrilateral 9-node elements in order to accurately treat corners, edges, region interfaces and discontinuities in boundary conditions. Advanced integration techniques are used for the computation of singular, nearly singular and hypersingular integrals for increased accuracy. Presently only problems associated with harmonic dynamic disturbances can be treated by the method. Numerical examples are presented dealing with wave diffraction in the infinite space