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Dynamic Response Of 2-D Elastoplastic Structures By A BEM/FEM Scheme


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G.D. Pavlatos, D.E. Beskos & D.L. Karabalis


Dynamic response of 2-D elastoplastic structures by a BEM/FEM scheme G.D. Pavlatos", D.E. Beskos" & D.L. Karabalis"^ ^Department of Civil Engineering, University of Patras, GTZ-gg^OO PaZras, Greece Department of Civil Engineering, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina 29208, USA ABSTRACT A combined boundary element / finite element method (BEM/FEM) in the time domain is developed and applied for solving two-dimensional dynamic elastoplastic problems. The BEM is used for the portion of the structural domain expected to remain elastic, while the FEM for the remaining expected to become elastoplastic during the deformation history. Thus, while an interior discretization is required for the FEM domain, only a boundary discretization is necessary for the BEM domain with obvious gains in efficiency. The two methods are coupled together at their interface through equilibrium and compatibility. The solution procedure is based on a step-by-step ti