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Experimental And Numerical Investigation On Semi-crystalline Polymer Behaviour In Transient Cooling Processes


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G.C. Alfonso, M. Cartesegna & L.A. Tagliafico


Experimental and numerical investigation on semi-crystalline polymer behaviour in transient cooling processes G.C. Alfonso, M. Cartesegna, L.A. Tagliafico University of Genoa -Italy Abstract The paper presents a numerical and experimental approach to quantifjr the effects of local thermal history on the crystallization process and final morphological characteristics of semicrystalline polymers during quiescent cooling and solidification in transient conditions. A numerical finitedifference implicit scheme is used to simulate the progress of crystallization in actual thermal transients using the simple Avrarni equation, which should strictly hold only in isothermal conditions. The polymer used is a commercial Poly Propylene, marked i-PPT30G. Variable thermophysical properties and crystallization parameters are included in the model, taking into account different operating conditions and materials confining the polymer specimen. The reliability of the approach is proved by comparing numerical an