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Topography Of Laminar And Oscillatory Thermal And Thermocapillary Convection In A Czochralski Process


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J.A. Szymczyk, J. Aleksic & P.Ch. Zielke


Topography of laminar and oscillatory thermal and thermocapillary convection in a Czochralski process J. A. ~ z ~ r n c z ~ k l , J. ~ l e k s i c ~ & P. Ch. 2ielke2 1 Department of Thermo Fluid Dynamics and Turbo Machines, Fachhochschule Stralsund (University of Applied Sciences), Germany 2 Stralsund Institute for Energy and Environment e. K, Germany Abstract The Czochralski process is the most common method for growing large semiconductor mono-crystals. All experiments and measurements for the explanation and optimisation of the process were made on experimental equipment simulating the process at room temperature. In melt thermocapillary, thermal and forced convection are induced according to thermal, kinematical and geometrical boundary conditions. Thermocapillary convection is a boundary driven convection caused by a temperature gradient on the fluid surface. Because of the friction the impulse of the flow is transmitted to deeper fluid layers and the convection is spread through the whol