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Reliability Of Notched Composite Laminates Using A Combined Experimental Investigation And Stochastic Finite Element Analysis Methodology


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R. Ganesan & S.M. Venugopal


Reliability of notched composite laminates using a combined experimental investigation and stochastic finite element analysis methodology R. Ganesan & S.M. Venugopal Concordia Centre for Composites (CONCOM), Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Concordia University, Canada Abstract The design of notched composite laminates is based on the averaged stress over certain characteristic distance from the notch edge and the strength of the corresponding un-notched laminate. In practice, the notch geometry is not perfect due to machining conditions and the mechanical properties of composite laminates. The imperfections in notch geometry have a stochastic distribution. On the other hand, tests on laminate coupons show that the un-notched strength also has a stochastic distribution. Accordingly, the characteristic length used in design has a stochastic distribution. Therefore, in order to ichieve a design with a required reliability and safety, (i) the stress analysis of the notched lam