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Cartesian Grid Methods For Simulating Flows With Moving Boundaries


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R. Mittal, C. Bonilla & H.S. Udaykumar


Cartesian grid methods for simulating flows with moving boundaries R. ~ i t t a l ' , C. ~ o n i l l a ~ & H.S. udaykumar3 ' The George Washington University, USA 2 University of Florida, USA University of Iowa, USA Abstract A recently developed numerical method for flows with moving boundaries is used for simulating the flow-induced vibration of cylinders. The key feature of the numerical method is that it allows us to simulate flows with moving boundaries on stationary Cartesian grids. In this paper we briefly describe the computational methodology. The method is used to simulate (a) transverse flowinduced vibration of a cylinder in a freestream where the computed results are compared with theory and other simulations and (b) flow-induced vibration of a cylinder pair where we examine the effect of relative placement of the cylinders on the vibration of the two cylinders. Results of these simulations are also presented. 1 Introduction In recent years there has been a surge of interest in num