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Finite Length Bearings And Squeeze-film Dampers: A Two-dimensional Dynamical Solution


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J. Antunes, M. Moreira & P. Piteau


Finite length bearings and squeeze-film dampers : A two-dimensional dynamical solution J. Antunes', M. Moreira2 & P. Piteau3 ' Institute of Nuclear Technology, Portugal. Politechnic Institute of Setubal, Portugal. Commissariat a I' Energie Atomique, France. Abstract In this paper we develop a non-linear dynamical solution for finite length bearings and squeeze-film dampers based on a Spectral-Galerkin method. In this approach the gap-averaged pressure is approximated, in the lubrication Reynolds equation, by a truncated double Fourier series. The Galerkin method, applied over the residuals so obtained, generate a set of simultaneous algebraic equations for the time-dependent coefficients of the double Fourier series for the pressure. In order to assert the validity of our 2D-Spectral-Galerkin solution we present some preliminary comparative numerical simulations, which display satisfactory results up to eccentricities of about 0.9 of the reduced fluid gap HIR. The so-called long and short-be