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Identification Of Imperfections Of Building Structures By Dynamic Response


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M. Pirner, L. Fryba & Sh. Urushadze


Identification of imperfections of building structures by dynamic response M. Pirner, L. Fryba, Sh. Urushadze Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic Abstract The endeavour to use the changes of dynamic characteristics for the determination of damage or other imperfections of structures is not new. The rudimentary application of structural evaluation and damage assessment by vibration monitoring has been practiced since ancient times. Ancient potters knocked on their vases to make sure they were free of cracks or voids. Experimental work in the field of modal analysis of real structures from the 70s and 80s of last century (offshore oil drilling platform [I]). Modal analysis was used also in the laboratory tests of plastics [2]. Identification of damages of R.C. bridges by means of frequency spectra of response are known from the 90s [8], [9]. A survey of the development of identification methods can be found in [3]. 1 Introduct