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Interaction Of Experimental And Modelling Procedure To Improve The Fatigue Behaviour Of A Metal Matrix Composite


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J.M. Hausmann, C. Leyens & W.A. Kaysser


Interaction of experimental and modelling procedure to improve the fatigue behaviour of a metal matrix composite J.M. Hausmann, C. Leyens & W.A. Kaysser DLR - German Aerospace Center, Institute of Materials Research, Germany Abstract Metal matrix composites are gaining popularity for several applications where high performance materials are needed. Titanium matrix composites continuously reinforced by silicon carbide fibres are under development for applications in aeroengines. Their use in blades, rings and shafts promises a significant weight reduction and performance improvement due to their high specific strength and stifhess. Since the aerospace industry requires high reliability of the materials used, models for predicting failure and life time are of special interest. Predicting models based on the properties of the single constituents of the composite are most suitable to reduce the number of experiments and to develop methodologies to improve specific mechanical properties. Neverthel