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A Prototype Program Design Workbench


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A. Stavrinides & K. Monk


A prototype program design workbench A. Stavrinides & K. Monk ^ PHor?/ ABSTRACT This paper describes current work in defining and developing a CASE tool to support program design. This work is proceeding alongside a parallel effort to produce a comprehensive set of separate but cooperating tools for use in teaching programming to undergraduate students, based on the use of a formally defined program design language, provisionally called MFC (Modular Pseudocode). The CASE tool, which we call the Program Design Workbench (PDW), is intended to help integrate the use of MPC tools through a convenient windowed user interface, but much more importantly it will embody and enforce a disciplined and methodical approach to modular program design. In addition, the PDW will eventually manage a collection of design databases and allow controlled access to and navigation between design objects. The prototype is being developed using the IPSYS ToolBuilder me