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An Experiment In Automating Quality Control In Software Development


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M. Curtis & M. Anderson


An experiment in automating quality control in software development M. Curtis & M. Anderson ICL, PEIS unit, Winnersh Triangle, Wokingham, Berkshire, RGll 5TT, UK Abstract There are two related approaches that can be taken in automating quality control in software development. One involves using a central repository to model the structure of a project and the end product in conjunction with an integrated toolset, and some form of configura- tion management system, to ensure consistency between the different views of a product that occur at different stages in the lifecycle. The other approach is to use a tool to model the processes involved and then to use some enactment method that ensures progress is smooth and measurable. This paper will report on an experiment combining these two ap- proaches, the eventual aim being to provide a complete environment to support the planning, management and implementation of a wide variety