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Project MOLE: Continuing Assessment To ISO 9000


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A. Williamson & A. Vella


Project MOLE: continuing assessment to ISO 9000 A. Williamson & A. Vella Manufacturing Quality Group, School of Industrial and Manufacturing Sciences, Cranfield University, ABSTRACT Many software companies with ISO 9000 registration are looking for ways for the registration to add value to their business. Consequently there is a demand for an IT-based system that will increase the benefits of continuing assessment. For the certification bodies, with clients demanding these new and better services, they need to offer improved approaches to assessment. BSI QA, Cranfield University and ICL Computers Ltd have developed an IT-based continuing assessment system, incorporating metrics to measure the "state of health" of the companys' quality system. INTRODUCTION The "quality revolution" of the last decade was based on several factors. The perception that the Japanese success in penetrating European and US markets was based upon higher quality. The gr