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The Use Of Z To Formally Specify A Commercial Data Processing System


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P.R. Chudley


The use of Z to formally specify a commercial data processing system P.R. Chudley Department of Computer Science, City Po/2/fecWc o/ #o?%# #07t#, (9(9 T&f CTtee Yau Yat Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong ABSTRACT Although the number of organisations using formal specification techniques is expanding, its use tends to be focused upon safety critical systems, sys- tems software and research. It is a common belief that formal specification techniques are not suitable, or too time consuming to use when developing commercial data processing systems. Through the use of an actual case study this paper aims to demonstrate that the use of formal specification techniques to develop a specification for a typical commercial data process- ing system is both practical and beneficial. INTRODUCTION Over the last few years the interest in formal specification techniques has increased dramatically and more and more emphasis has been placed upon the quality of software systems. It has bee