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Experience Of Teaching Debugging And Testing


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T.Y. Chen & I.K. Mak


Experience of teaching debugging and testing T.Y. Chen & I.K. Mak Department of Computer Science, University of Melbourne, Parkville 3052, Australia ABSTRACT For most of the software engineering courses at the undergraduate levels, the emphasis is on the coding and pre-coding phases, that is, the phases of requirements analysis and specification, design as well as coding. The coverage of testing and maintenance is relatively superficial, despite of the fact that these two phases consume more resources than the others. One of the main reasons is that fewer methodologies in these two phases have been developed as compared with those in the other phases. Consequently, fewer literature on these areas appear in the undergraduate texts. Secondly, there is a lack of automated systems to support the teaching of these topics. However, the industry is now expecting to have a more thorough train- ing for the computer science graduates in the areas of debugging and testing, as sou