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Testing Transactional Applications: A Practical Experience


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G. Marzano & P. Romanazzi


Testing transactional applications: a practical experience G. Marzano & P. Romanazzi Software Quality Laboratory, Tecnopolis CSATA MICAS' ABSTRACT This paper reports a practical experience of software testing accomplished by the Software Quality Laboratory of Tecnopolis Csata Novus Ortus in co- operation with Datamat S.p.A. The objective of the joint project was twofold: the definition and development of a formal test suite, the functional testing of a transaction processing software in the stock exchange application area . With respect to the first goal we had the need of define a method for building a complete test suite in terms of: specification of test environment, test process, test documentation, criteria for test derivation. The main result of such experimentation was to allow the replication of the whole test suite in a different target site. The VALID toolkit was chosen as the kernel for the test environment. This tool allows the validation o