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The Impact Of Clinical Testers On Software Quality Engineering


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P. Nicolazzo


The impact of clinical testers on software quality engineering P. Nicolazzo Hewlett-Packard, Patient Care Monitoring Systems, Waltham, MA, USA ABSTRACT This paper will focus on the addition of clinical personnel to the software quality process and its impact on final test validation of medical products. As medical designs have become more software based, issues of building quality and maintainability into products have increased and early clinical input has become critical especially since the competitive global nature of doing business has made time to market another key issue. INTRODUCTION The goal of hiring contract clinical specialist was undertaken as a means of addressing SQE (Software Quality Engineering) objectives. The SQE objectives are twofold, process improvement and final test validation. This includes black box/functional testing, system testing and user testing. It does not involve white box testing or unit testing done by the development team.