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Process Management And The Systems Development Life Cycle


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R. Tolido


Process management and the systems development life cycle R. Tolido Cap Volmac, Dalton laan 300, Postbus 2575, ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to describe certain aspects of modern systems development life cycles -such as iterative development, re-use and participatory design- and the way process modelling techniques can be applied to them. This leads to a definition and description of enactment software based on such techniques. Traditional 'paper based' approaches (possibly automated by tools) to the systems development life cycle are proving to be inadequate to structure and manage complex projects in which many people are involved, changes occur very frequently and in which a lot of fine-grained, inter- related activities need to be carried out, possibly in an iterative fashion. An appropriate method, covering project management, quality management and development is essential. Such a method is briefly described in this paper. An assessment is