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Consistent Models Enhance Software Quality


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V.E. Veraart & S.L. Wright


Consistent models enhance software quality V.E. Veraart & S.L. Wright Computer Science Programme, Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia ABSTRACT These models represent particular views of the problem domain, we propose that a number of data components within the models are alias components, ie the same problem domain component but with different semantics and representations in each model. As development proceeds, domain information is often updated, typically from within whatever tool is currently in use. This tool can maintain its internal model consistency however, in order for inter- model consistency to be preserved. Any changes must be propagated across all relevant alias components. In the absence of consistent change propagation, we have a set of models that are no longer consistent in reflecting the state of our knowledge of the system. As development proceeds these inconsistencies should be discovered, but possibly only after considerable economic