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STePS: A Method That Will Improve Software Quality


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J.B. Thompson & H.M. Edwards


STePS: a method that will improve software quality J.B. Thompson & H.M. Edwards Commercial Software Engineering Group, University of Sunderland, Priestman Building, ABSTRACT Details are presented on the STePS (Structured Technique for Program Specifications) method which has been developed to provide a bridge between Systematic Systems Analysis and Design methods and methods used for detailed program/component design. The resultant provision of a seamless software development approach can substantially improve the overall quality of the final product. An overview of the method is given in terms of its position and structure, the techniques and procedures used and its products. The latter are very comprehensive program specifications. The beneficial effects which the use of STePS can have in the areas of: Quality Assurance, Control, Project Management, and Configuration Management are presented and overall conclusions as to the use of the method are given. INTRODU