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Experiences With The Use Of Different Approaches To Software Process Assessment


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T.P. Rout, M.P. Neilson & J.L. Gasston


Experiences with the use of different approaches to software process assessment T.P. Rout, M.P. Neilson & J.L. Gasston Australian Software Quality Research Institute, School of Computing and Information Technology, Griffith University, Queensland 41H, Australia ABSTRACT This paper brings together several studies of different uses of the techniques generically termed "Software Process Assessment". The results of these studies bear out the usefulness of starting with an assessment orientation in any active approach to process management and improvement The focus on measurement creates an environment that is most conducive to effective management, and specifically aids in identifying current strengths and weaknesses, at both process and organisational levels. The studies demonstrate, however, the need to combine both quantitative and qualitative approaches in the conduct of an assessment These investigations add a further dimension to the growing body of empirical evi