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Software Costs: A Pragmatic Approach


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G. Legall, M.F. Adam, M. Lepallec & B. Moreau


Software costs: a pragmatic approach G. Legall, M.F. Adam, M. Lepallec & B. Moreau Departement Evaluation et Validation des Protocoles, Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications, L A A/El A ^ 22300 Lannion, France Direction des Relations Industrielles, Service de Romain Holland, 92128 Montrouge Cedex, France INTRODUCTION Since the beginning of the 1 980s CNET Lannion has carried out studies on the quality of software (Adam [1] , Le Gall [2]). Clients and suppliers now agree that quality should be seen as a basic requirement which serves to support and extend the activities geared towards increasing productivity and competitiveness. It follows then that quality control of a piece of software must not only be specified, planned and then applied but also assessed from a financial point of view in order to judge its profitability. Quality must be specified, which means that we need terms of reference by which we can determine, in a quantitative and measurable way, the obje