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Quality Assurance Dynamics Required In Mission Critical Systems


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R. Erskine


Quality assurance dynamics required in mission critical systems R. Erskine Department of Management, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, G4 OB A, UK micro quality assurance methods for the quality and reliability of code within the computer program have improved much within the last 10 ysars, macro quality assurance methods for the computer project as a whole are still very poorly implemented. Jfo this paper an analysis is done of the Inquiry Report into the London Ambulance Service, a mission critical system, which failed dramatically in J&vtsmber 1992, with a view to finding out whether it t&uld Jbe possible to generalise on some principles of good practice, which, if adopted, could have prevented such a disaster. Zhe author offers a model of good practice project management led by a project champion and a team in frfu'oh there is a disciplined separation of the functions of specification, validation, frogransning and