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M.M. Peat


Quality† yesterday's fashion? M.M. Peat 6/2 Craighouse Gardens, Edinburgh, EH 10 5TX, ABSTRACT There is no shortage of text expounding the virtues of quality and much practical support is available to interested parties. Despite this, there are still many companies and individuals who believe that 'quality' does not apply to them and that it is a passing fad which will soon be replaced by some other high-profile initiative. This attitude is particularly common in small companies and, as this is such a significant part of the software industry, there is a real danger that it will weaken the foundation for future growth. The author examines the reasons behind this belief, and argues that, by presenting quality in different ways, it is possible to achieve a much greater level of interest ensuring that quality becomes a fundamental part of the software industry. INTRODUCTION One definition of fashion is: "the popular style of dress, customs etc. at a given