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Value Function Deployment In A Software Process


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P. Pulli & M. Heikkinen


Value function deployment in a software process P. Pulli & M. Heikkinen FrTEWrom'cs, f.O. Boz JJOO, 5*F-POJ7 Finland ABSTRACT Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is widely accepted as a value func- tion to guide product development to meet customer needs. We propose a complimentary value function, Risk Function Deployment (RFD), to guide through the uncertainties and risks associated with the product develop- ment. RFD makes use of QFD-style matrix-based correlation techniques in risk analysis and prioritization to capture product risk-elements and their probabilities and losses, and to detect risky parts of the product. RFD also supports risk management by evaluating the effect of individual risk miti- gation activities. According to our experiences, the benefit of RFD lies in visualizing the complementary sides of decision making, benefits and risks, and by providing a framework for balancing them. The role of value functions, such as QFD and RFD in the software de-