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Integration Of F.ME.A And SA-RT: A Way To Enhance Dependability Characteristics Of Critical Systems?


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A. Khalfallah, S. Bahsoun, H. Basson & J.C. Derniame


Integration of F.ME.A and SA-RT: a way to enhance dependability characteristics of critical systems? A. Khalfallah," S. Bahsoun,* H. Basson^ & J.C. Derniame^ *CRIN, BP239, 54 506 Vandoeuvre, France &7&T d% Fe/2z?/, 7g ^^ Fe/zz?/, France ^ Universite du Littoral, IUT de Calais, 3 rue Louis ABSTRACT This paper investigates critical systems from the software engineering perspective. It particularly focuses on analysing the system'models building activities defined as Software Process Modeling and tries to lead to a response to problems such as: - Is it possible to enhance the dependability characteristics of the system by using a development environment where constraints about the development activities can be expressed and enacted? - Which operation could be automated in a critical system development environment leading to a better dependability. Early activities in the system life cycle related to dependability (such as preliminary hasard analysis) are