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Assuring The Reliability Of Production Processes Using FMEA Method


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A. Polajnar, M. Leber & B. Buchmeister


Assuring the reliability of production processes using FMEA method A. Polajnar, M. Leber & B. Buchmeister Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Maribor, iSmeZonora %/. J7, P.O. Boz 22^, g^OOO MaH6or, Slovenia ABSTRACT Today, the economic success of industrial companies is defined by low production costs, short delivery times and reliable product quality. These three factors are included in the integral quality assurance system which primarily takes into account the needs and the requirements of customers, and consequently enables the company to participate efficiently on the competitive market. To this end, preventive quality assurance methods should be used in companies. They serve to anticipate potential failures in time and to prevent their occurrence. This is possible with the known FMEA method (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis). Some requirements of the TQM (Total Quality Management) system are given as well as our