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The Changing Perception Of Software Metrics


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M. Bush


The changing perception of software metrics M. Bush Centre for Systems & Software Engineering, School of Computing, Information Systems & Mathematics, South Bank University, Borough Road, London, SE1 OAA, UK ABSTRACT This paper discusses software metrics as a subject area, and in particular the way it has been growing in popularity and also expanding in scope over recent years. Talk of measurement in various guises is now common-place in mainstream software engineering conferences and periodicals. However, the growth in scope is leading to a lack of focus. There is a danger of losing sight of the original motivation for measurement, which was the desire to move software production nearer towards being a true engineering activity. 1. INTRODUCTION In recent years software metrics have been attracting increasing amounts of attention and money from various funding sources. There has been a concerted push in particular by various ESPRIT projects aimed at encouragi