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Using The Capability Maturity Model As A Guide For Transferring Process Technology To Government Organizations In Sub-Saharan Africa


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W. Junk & M. Parish


Using the capability maturity model as a guide for transferring process technology to government organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa W. Junk" & M. Parish^ ^Computer Science Department, University of AWo, Moscow, ID, <9,?&^ Z76L4 ^Thunder and Associates, P.O. Box 40874, Nairobi, Kenya ABSTRACT In the late 1980s the Software Engineering Institute published the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for Software. We have successfully used the CMM framework to guide the transfer of software development and quality assurance process capabilities to the Microcomputer Information Systems Department in the Ministry of Finance, Government of Kenya. In this paper we describe a three pronged technology transfer program integrating instruction, standards development, and guided practice which used the CMM to help identify where improvements were needed. We also present the results of a case study in which a software development life cycle was strictly applied, documentation