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Toward Greater Quality Of Information Systems: Sex Dependent User Interface


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P. Kokol, I. Rozman & V. Venuti


Toward greater quality of information systems: sex dependent user interface P. Kokol," I. Rozman," V. Venuti* * TF Maribor, Smetanova 17, 62000 Maribor, Slovenia * TP KVIK Maribor, Gosposka 8-10, 62000 Maribor, Slovenia ABSTRACT The most important part of the majority of recent computer software systems, according to the users view, is the user interface. In this paper authors presents two new concepts of user interfaces: the sex dependent user interface design and an interface quality assesment metric for controling that design. In searching for an appropriate metric to support above task we didn't have much success, so we decided to construct a new one. For that purpose we selected the Checklands soft system methodology and that's the third contribution of our paper. INTRODUCTION Measurement technology serves as a foundation for all scientific and engineering disciplines. The benefits of using measurement are well recognised, as are the costs. Almost