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Knowledge-based System For Air Traffic Flow Management: Timetable Rescheduling And Centralized Flow Control


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L. Weigang, C.J.P. Alves & N. Omar


Knowledge-based system for air traffic flow management: timetable rescheduling and centralized flow control L. Weigang," C.J.P. Alves& & N. Omar& ^ Nanjing Engineering Institute, P.R. China ** Institute* Technologico de Aerondutica, SJCampos-SP, Brazil ABSTRACT A Know ledge-Based System (KBS) has been designed for the Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) problem. For timetable rescheduling, the system tends to modify airlines timetable to smooth traffic peaks at airports during rush-hours. For centralized flow control, the system works on-line to forecast the place, time and magnitude of the congestions and to take some actions to prevent these congestions. As an Artificial Intelligence language, Prolog was chosen to develop the prototype of the Knowledge-Based ATFM System. By using this system, Brazilian ATFM, which includes the principal airports of this country, has been studied. INTRODUCTION Air Traffic Flow Management ( ATFM Future air traffic management (ATM) systems have been r