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Sustainability And New Town Development In Peninsular Malaysia


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Dasimah Bt Omar


Sustainability and new town development in Peninsular Malaysia Dasimah Bt Omar Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alum , Malaysia Abstract The idea of the garden city movements was found to be an important approach in city planning and creating the urban from. In principle, urban form and sustainability are linked. Urban form which includes the shape of settlement patterns at all scales, is a significant determinant of the prospect of sustainability. Sustainability requires specific initiatives and needs to be coordinated. The basic principles of new town development to be considered included limiting new towns' size in terms of scale of population, provision of green belts and creating a well-connected system of cities. Perhaps the most significant aspect of new town development is the policy to seek an economic balance between housing, facilities, industrial and commercial development. The original idea in Howard's garden city concept has been mo