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The Chilean Internet: Did It Survive The Earthquake?


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V. Ramiro, J. Piquer, T. Barros & P. Sepúlveda


On 27 February, just after the earthquake, there was a major failure of the Chilean telecommunications systems. There has been a big debate about whether normal telephones or mobile telephones worked as expected. However, nobody is talking about a bigger problem that should not have happened: a big percentage of the Chilean Internet servers where not reachable between 4:00 and 11:00 that morning. Usually 82% of the Chilean assigned networks are announced to the Internet and those networks are highly visible around the world, with a very stable value of 100% daily. However, on 27 February the number of announced networks dropped down to 31%, which highlights that a significant number of networks stopped being reachable at that time on Internet. This shows us at a glance that 64% of the Chilean networks were unreachable from outside of Chile. Today, our Internet infrastructure is not solid enough to guarantee the operational continuity needed by our country to keep developing our networks. This chapter presents a study of this failure, we show the most important effects that it had and we discuss some proposals to avoid these problems in the future. We show that this gap is not big, but it has to be covered carefully.