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RailML – A Standard Data Interface For Railroad Applications


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A. Nash, D. Huerlimann, J. Schuette & V. P. Krauss


The growing number of computer programs used to model different aspects of railway operations has created the need for a simple and efficient way to transfer data between applications. In the past, specialized interface programs have been developed to transfer data but this is an inefficient and time-consuming process. As the number of different railway simulation and operations programs increases, developing and maintaining individual interfaces will become impractical. RailML has been developed using the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) to simplify data transfer through the use of a common data structure. Programs using the RailML language produce export files with the RailML structure, these files can then be used directly by other RailML compatible programs. RailML is an open source project being supported and developed by a growing list of partners. The paper presents a more detailed description of RailML, outlines the application’s current status, and invites new partners to join the consortium. Keywords: railway simulation, timetabling, XML, RailML, data transfer, transportation data mark-up languages. 1 Introduction: problem and solution RailML is an open source data structure that has been developed to simplify the transfer of data between various railroad simulation and operations computer programs. This chapter describes the RailML program and the problem it has been developed to address.


railway simulation, timetabling, XML, RailML, data transfer,transportation data mark-up languages