Section 1 Multi-body contact
  Surface models for contact laws; Elastic-plastic deformation near the contact surface of the circular disk under high loading; Experimental investigations of contact joint under dynamic load; New joining method for laser scanner lenses by using a shrink fitter; Adhesive contact and kinetics of adherence of a rigid conical punch on an elastic half-space (natural rubber); On friction behavior of rubber on concrete surfaces; Estimation of thermal conductance on metallic contact interface in vacuum.
Section 2 Fracture fatigue and wear
  Numerical analysis of bi-material interface notch crack behaviour; Parametric study of the crack stability in metal particulate-reinforced ceramic matrix composites; Comparison of the fatigue behaviour of the semi-elliptical defects contained in plates and tubes using various approaches; Rate of growth of wedge type intercrystalline creep micro-cracks of nickel aluminide alloys; Evaluation of wear corrosion characteristics of Ti-6A1-4V in quasi-human body environment and improvement of wear corrosion characteristics by gas nitriding.
Section 3 Extrusion and forming processes

Wear test and testing of nitrided tools with a narrow and deep gap in aluminium hot extrusion; Le Carré: computer simulation to develop a new can concept; Forming limit diagram of metal sheet in actual strain path with respect to forming process.

Section 4 Composite materials
  On a contact problem in composite materials; FE macro/micro models for contact temperature analysis of a steel asperity sliding over a normally oriented CF/PEEK composite surface.
Section 5 Soil structure interaction
  Numerical approach to one problem of structure-subsoil interaction; A modal nonlinear solution for structural elements under contact constraints imposed by elastic foundations; Analysis of the ultimate bearing capacity of a single pile in granular soils; A new integral transformation of body force integrals for bending of foundation plates.
Section 6 Computational methods
  On the indentation of a membrane reinforced elastic halfspace: analytical and computational approaches; Evaluation of the flow curve of metallic materials by means of spherical Indentation; Numerical study of the stress intensity factors for cracks in raceways with the experimentally determined interaction between crack faces; Finite element analysis of thread stripping of a threaded assembly; Case study on convergence and accuracy of explicit finite element for contact-impact problems; Moving and rolling contact of 2D elastic bodies with defects using boundary element method; Numerical analysis of PZT-Polymer composites using pb-3 Ritz method; New analytical solutions for a flat rounded punch compared with FEM; Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of non-linear deformation of the asperity in the burnishing cold rolling operation.